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Karen (
Date:Sat 12 Jun 2010 10:39:54 AM EDT
Subject:Same problem

Hi I was reading your story and felt compelled to write to you. Two years ago, I had a what you call a pontine stroke where the malfunction comes from your pons area in the back of your brain..Leading up to that a found out that I was getting warning signs by having mini TIA's that I chalked up to be from severe hyptension. During the two months I was in the hospital, they came to the conclusion that do to my severe hypertension, they feel that is the reason why I had a stroke until a resident suggested that I have a
'BUBBLE TEST WITH CARDIAC ULTRASOUND" I agreed but did not know what they were looking for until during the test the technician and the resident said "YES THERE IT IS" which I then said what is it only then did I find out that I have a PFO "PATENT FORUM OVULE" and that you are born with this defect..So now Im angry because I have been seeing a cardiologist for 15 yrs prior at this point and wanted to know why I was not told of this and he then explained that it's only detected by that bubble test and he does not think that was the reason for my stroke although thats possibly how the clot got up to your brain..I asked for surgery to repair it and he said he really does not think it's necessary but your PFO repair story is the third that I have heard and now im feeling like it's time to switch cardiologists after all these years and get a second opinion because Im told with the kind of stroke I had, I have a 98 percent chance of another stroke that will disable me so I want to thank you for your story im pretty scared walking around everyday with a blood pressure of 164/114 around that range everyday and on 3 meds for it so thank you will decide on what to do next.

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