Life is too short to be caught up in pain from the past. Welcome to a new day! Open your mind and your willingness to take new pictures of this glorious life. I wish you all the very best in your personal journey. Please feel free to open your hearts in these pages.

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Trish Lawrence (
Date:Tue 28 Dec 2010 11:53:32 PM EST
Subject:My mom and a left brain stroke
 I just watched your touching video. My Mom is 67 and had open heart surgery and during the surgery she suffered a massive left brain stroke. The Dr's could not figure out why my mom wouldn't wake up after surgery, and then decided to do a CT scan finding the stroke. My mom went into long term Nursing home where the Dr said she needed to be, and we just want to know what to do to help her. Please give me any insight on this kind of stroke. I want my mom to come home, I don't care that she can't remember things, I just want her out of the Nursing home. Thank you Trish Lawrence

dalansan (
Date:Sat 13 Nov 2010 11:35:26 PM EST
Subject:Getting a job
 I am Marriage and Family Therapist who had successful brain surgery about thirty years ago. Sadly my recovery took about twenty five of those years because my memory was not good. During thos years I did try to work, but could not perform well enough to keep my employers happy. Now I have decided I would like to use my experience to help other families cope with the tremendous unpleasantness and confusion that surrounds this tragedy. Unfortunately I am too old now for many prospective employers to give me a serious look. But what surprises and bothers me even more is that even the organization that specializes in brain injury treatment and rehabilitation here in Minneapolis will not hire me or use me to help other survivors. I have recovered completely but, at the risk of sounding paranoid, there seems to be some very subtle discrimination going on here. I have all the credentials and work experience that they could want, but for some reason I do not even get interviewed. I can even accept third party reimbursement, so it would not cost them anything. If anyone else has experienced amything like this I would love to hear from you.

Lisa (
Date:Thu 04 Nov 2010 01:01:22 PM EDT
Subject:my childrens fathers stroke
 I need to ask some questions about a catastrophic stroke that my ex has just recently had. Please write me back or let me know how I can have these questions answered.. Thank You, Lisa

Narelle Maloney (
Date:Tue 02 Nov 2010 09:34:51 PM EDT
Subject:My husband's stroke
 Dear Jill, My husband, Malcolm Jagamarra Maloney, aged 55, had a severe stroke July 2009. Jagamarra is a very famous Australian Aboriginal Artist, Educator and Mediator, We were in Alice Springs last July for him to convene mediation between various members of his family - the Warlpiri tribe of Central Australia, hencde an extremely stressful situation. It was a massive and severe stroke and sadly he was retained in hospital at Alice Springs for 5 weeks. Even sadder is that hospital was ill-equipped to cope with a stroke victim and naturally since then I've read many articles noting that if certain meds are given within that vital first 6 weeks impact of the stroke may indeed be lessened. It is now 15 months since his stroke and he is still left sided hemiplegia, unable to assist himself in so many ways of everyday life. Life is extremely difficult for both of us. It is cruel to see a once proud and agile Warlpiri Warrior - an elder and esteemed expert on many Warlpiri traditions and ceremonies now wishing that the stroke had taken his life as he is no longer that proud man strutting the world stage. Does it get better??? But, then how can it do so when he is told that insufficient gains have been made in physio so it won't continue yet we are given no understanding of how to help the brain re-connect I've read your book plus another titled "The Brain That Changes Itself". I'm an classical ballet teacher and can be overbearingly gung-ho but even when tempered he is not keen to join the challenge. Please tell me there comes a time when more gains will come I have to end now as I get too sad thinking of where we were in life and what is happening now. I'll add some more another time Narelle Maloney

Yvonne Jones (
Date:Sun 24 Oct 2010 10:16:55 PM EDT
Subject:Enquiring about Nintendo brain training.
 Dear Dr. Jill, I do not have a story I have a question but am not sure how to contact you. thank you Yvonne

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