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Jennifer Cooper-Trent (
Date:Fri 15 Oct 2010 08:54:48 AM EDT
Subject:Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and recovery
 My daughter sent me your pod cast and I cried with you. My son suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury when he was 6yrs old further complicated by a ruptured Arachnoid Cyst. To my horror the medical people caring for my son had no experience or knowledge of Arachnoid Cysts and they told me just to take him home, it was nothing to worry about. I have a medical background and while he lay unconscious in the hospital, I was in the medical library researching, looking for information on Arachnoid Cysts. I also called all my friends in medicine and asked where the best neuro medical team could be found in Sydney. I insisted on another CAT scan and was told by the neurosurgeon to get out, when I was not convinced he was o.k. I had him transferred to another Hospital and his cyst had ruptured, he had a midline shift and it was only a few days before he would have suffered irrepairable damage or death. He was operated on and the cyst was the size of 2 golf balls. He was at the beginning of his life and therefore acquiring new knowledge has taken more time, the cyst was in the left hemisphere, word retrieval was difficult. We gathered the lastest formation from the USA and gave to the doctors. I have been researching academic outcomes following TBI in Children. I found teachers unable to teach a child with TBI and an educational system that doesn't really want to know. I have written a book "A Hit on the head and where it led" to try and educate teachers and children on the effects of a brain injury. This book has been distributed in USA, U.K, Aust. Canada, Sth Africa. I have also written a phonics reading program (60 books) to help with the development of language and reading for young children and those who have suffered a brain injury or learning disabled. See I am happy to send you a copy of the book, "A Hit on the head and where it led". I am interested in further research that can help children learn after a TBI. My son is now 18 and the most amazing, intelligent person. His empathy for others is astounding. His wisdom is beyond his years. He lives a full and happy life...thank god. If I can offer any help or books for you or anyone who needs help in their recovery. My son is also an avid reader. Best Wishes to you Jill from Jennifer Cooper-Trent

Jelena (
Date:Thu 23 Sep 2010 01:25:45 PM EDT
Subject:adult seizures
 Hi Dr. Jill, Absolutely love your book that really gave me an insight into stroke survivors. My late mom had asphasia and did well in recovery until 2 years later she had another one and could not swallow anything and passed away. I'm now rereading your book for another reason and that is in regards to adult seizures both petit mal and Grand mal. We use no meds because of the major side effects and try to do our best on our own. Nothing was found on any of the brain scans...we utilize omega 3 vitamins for antioxidants and other supplementation for good cardiovascular health. We have no insight on why this has come up suddenly at the age of 45 when it was never evident before...We have never encountered any brain injuries or accidents to the head of any kind. Always was in sports - specifically soccer. Blood pressure is usually 113/71 pulse 61. Can you please advise on what else can be done without meds and what triggers can be avoided for seizures to flare up...this occurrance happens quite often. I look forward to hearing from you. God Bless you and your mom Thanks for the great book ;))

doug loper (
Date:Mon 20 Sep 2010 03:41:25 PM EDT
Subject:need suggestions
 dear dr taylor thank-you for your "insightful" book regarding your experience after having a stroke. this last may my wife suffered a brain aneurysm and a stroke she had an operation and was suppose to wake up that day. she did not wake up but for a few days she responded with thumbs up toe wiggles etc then she relapsed into doing nothing. she is unable to open her eyes i am visiting her every day talking to her playing music and letting her listen to her baseball games on tv she enjoyed cooking so i have put a bunch of spices in jars and let her smell them and talk about each one. after reading your book i noticed you mention about the nerves sensitivity to vibration so i brought in a small massager which she seems to enjoy. the last few weeks (since using the massager) she is now responding more she is aware that i am there and answers simple questions as well as moving fingers,feet & thumbs up (not all the time) again she can't open her eyes but when i ask her a question i tell her to squeeze her eyes tight for a yes which she can do(again not all the time) your book has helped me tremendously to help me learn what she is going through are there any suggestions you may have that may help her? sincerely doug loper

Phyllis Anderson (
Date:Sat 18 Sep 2010 02:57:19 PM EDT
Subject:Daughter's Stroke at 26
 DIear Dr. Jill: I just picked up your book again and something jumped out at me. My daughter had a stroke 2 yrs. ago - not sure what caused it; doctors said possibly an over-strenuous workout. Now she is having migraines. Do you think AVMs like yours could be the cause? I'm so worried that more is now going on than we realize. I so hope you read this.

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