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Peter (
Date:Wed 29 Dec 2010 01:06:59 PM EST
Subject:The Practice of Dance
 As I read ‘Stock of Insight’ the image that came to my mind was that of dancing. I liked the image of the two halves of my brain working together in grace-full movement and realized that this could and is literally practiced by our actions in the world as if the goal of life was a better union between the two aspects of our selves/mind. A dance teacher once explained to me that the Lead is required to work in the future while the Follow works in the present. The Lead - left brain “masculine” (Animas), future direction. The Follow - right brain “feminine” (Anima) present moment. The moment provided direction… dancing! There are moments, if you’re lucky and or skilled in dancing when you get to experience harmony, each person contributing their role and strengths and allowing each to experience the other, the moment, in movement. In the past I was taught that anything of the ego was bad and searched for ways to control “it”, silence “it”, even you might say defeat “it”, wanting instead to experience the bliss of the present moment to which the ego would only get in the way. But now it seems to me that the two need each other that it’s not a war between right and left but as in dancing a need for good connection and communication in order to create movement in the present moment. Nothing defeated or silenced but together allowed within each breath Speaking of the past at first glance it seems that the Past has no place in the dance as it often gets in the way but if left to rest in its proper place, a tool for learning and not a judgment of “good” or “bad” then the past joins the moment. I’ve been taught that while in a dance class to pay attention, adapt, and learn but when you go social dancing… dance. Social dancing isn’t a place to practice “getting it all right” but to experience the ‘practice’ of movement. There is a subtle difference between the practice of learning and a of a time for ‘Practice’ Dancing a practice of the past - present - future, right brain, left brain, conscious and the unconscious, shadow and light, masculine and feminine all together in movement, all uniquely individually one. I’m not sure if what I’m writing will make sense to anyone, (I know I jump around in my thoughts) if the connections I’ve made between various theories are correct or not. And it seems I’m not answering the question for techniques to use to "Step to the Right” so much as I am suggesting a practice to join the Right and the Left in grace-full movement, directional present moments. Recently I came across the following quote on Love and felt it connected well to Jill’s story and that of the duplex brain… and to Dance... life… “Love is possible only if two persons communicate with each other from the center of their existence, hence if each one of them experiences themselves from the center of their existence. Only in this “central experience” is human reality, only here is aliveness, only here is the basis for Love Love experienced thus, is a constant challenge; it is not a resting place, but a moving, growing, working together; even whether there is harmony or conflict, joy or sadness, is secondary to the fundamental fact that two people experience themselves from the essence of their existence, that they are one with each other by being one with themselves, rather than by fleeing from themselves.” – Erich Fromm – ‘The Art of Love’. “as above so below, as below so above”

Gunilla Kleis (
Date:Mon 27 Dec 2010 06:00:45 AM EST
Subject:The unique Key method by Dr. Hasai Aliev
 1,5 year ago I had the possiblity to get to know a unique method, called the "Key" by Dr. Hasai Aliev from Moscow. This method changed my life. Here is a small indtroduction to the method, if you wish to know more, please contact me or take a look at the Facebook site "The Key method by Dr. Hasai Aliev". This method became my insight without having a stroke!: There are many different psychological help and self-help programs, training methods, and spiritual and physical self-improvement practices. The purpose of these practices is to improve our health, raise our mental stability, develop our ability to cope with stress, and achieve a state of equilibrium and harmony with ourselves and the world around us, regardless of our circumstances. The Key Method is the foundation of all these different practices and makes it possible for each and every one of us to reach the abovementioned goals a hundred times faster. With the help of the Key, you can make changes in yourself and develop desirable qualities and abilities. The Key is unique in that it removes stress automatically and enables you to manage internal reserves that in the past might only have been activated unpredictably in emergencies. The Key makes it possible to obtain the desired results when time is at a premium and you do not have a suitable place to exercise. It does what other methods that require a lot of time and specific conditions cannot do. The Key is also unique in that it helps people who are unable or do not want to share their problems and concerns with a specialist, since the Key produces automatic results. The Key helps to activate additional internal reserves for resolving those problems you cannot resolve in the usual way. We normally do not have direct access to managing those internal reserves that are spontaneously mobilized in emergencies. A case is known of a mother who lifted a heavy train carriage from the rails to save her child. Five men were unable to put it back in place. So searching for ways to manage our internal reserves has been an important stage in the scientific development of human capabilities. The new brainwork model described in Dr. Aliev´s newest book (that soon will be published in English!)will help you to understand why we do not have free control over the mental and physical reserves that are sometimes activated in emergencies, and which can also be activated with the help of psychotherapy, during hypnosis, for example. The Key Method consists of three basic parts: 1. The Key Stress Test 2. Easy Key techniques for managing your inner state. 3. Regular five-minute Synchronized Gymnastics for maintaining an optimal level of creative and physical performance in any situation. The Key Stress Test will help you to determine at any moment the level of your inner tension, whether you are under stress, tense, and need to relax, or, on the contrary, whether you are ready to go ahead and successfully perform what is required of you. The Key Stress Test will also help you to determine how well you are coping with stress as you train with the Key or with any other exercises, just as a blood pressure monitor or thermometer helps you to measure your blood pressure or body temperature. The Key helps you to rapidly reach a state of mobilization, emancipation, balance, relaxation, and mediation, as well as an alert state of performance efficiency. You will achieve the first clear results during the very first session. With each training session, the learning time will be reduced. You can also reach that special state known as nirvana, satori, or enlightenment, which usually take months or years to achieve and also require a change in lifestyle and way of thinkin. The Key will help you to reach a state of nirvana in the simplest and easiest way, almost instantly, even in your own kitchen, without having to go to Tibet, for example. This is because you already have all the resources you need for this within you. The Key makes it possible to develop skills of self-control and self-management very quickly. At first you will use the simple Key techniques, then later you will be able to manage your state without the help of these techniques. The Key also provides you with the latest 5-minute workout for coping with stress and achieving self-control.

Paul (
Date:Mon 13 Dec 2010 01:56:21 PM EST
Subject:Using your super powers (univesal principles)
 Aligning ourselves with the principles that operate in the universe. They work without fail, each and every time, we can only fail to recognize and apply them. To begin to see things new in any moment, I need: 1. Awareness - recognize that my limited perception in my left hemisphere doesn't have the whole picture. 2. Pause - stop, what I'm thinking,listen to the sounds around me, really listen, and let go of my thoughts. 3. Ask - all that is, my connection to source, my right hemisphere, how should I see this, what should I do in this situation? 4. Receive - pay attention to my next thought, what inspiration did I receive. A lot of times it won't make sense, get cup of coffee, call someone, could be anything. 5. Try - take action on the inspiration, just try it, see what happens. I teach these principles using the drum circle metaphor. Keep in mind your left hemisphere doesn't have the experience of applying these principles so it will tell you, with great authority, it won't work. It doesn't matter the truth is still the truth, just try it. For more info visit my website at:

Paul Smetana (
Date:Thu 28 Oct 2010 07:59:41 PM EDT
Subject:Loving kindness meditation
 Here's a right brainer for you. Do the loving kindness meditation. Here's a short description. "Loving Kindness Meditation" Start with the usual getting comfortable bit. Then bring to mind someone or something that makes you feel loving and happy. A child, a puppy, a person, place or thing. Play with this. Having found the "Puppy" [works for me], let the image of the person, puppy, what ever fade, and just feel the lovely feelings. Now bring in someone you're close to, and another, and hopefully the loving kindness feelings persist. Add someone not quite so close and see if you can keep the feelings going,[If not redo the "Puppy" . You can keep adding people who are further away in terms of friendship until you can add people you actively dislike or have done you wrong. My idea is to go from close friends and family to acquaintances, to strangers, to the whole world, to enemies, according to the strength and longevity of your loving kindness feelings. You can always rekindle the feelings by bringing back the puppy/ lovely person. The other aspect is willingness. Some days I just stick with close friends, sometimes I stick with trees, and sometimes I work on those I have deep problems with. It's up to you when you sit to do the practice. Then you need to do an evaluation. Well you don't need to, but the positivity lady Barbara Fredrickson used the meditation plus the evaluation tool in the studies that showed an increase in positivity. I like doing it, because even early on, it yields insights. The positivity self test site is Hope all this helps, Paul

Anna Kotzè (
Date:Thu 28 Oct 2010 06:53:36 AM EDT
Subject:horses are known to be the wizards when it comes to healing trauma experiences- because they are primitive and vulnerable
 Horse riding forces the mind to channel into "Lala land". You have to ride a horse with trust and confidence, even though your left brain warns you that this is a primitive fright and flee animal (A NERVOUS SYSTEM), that will take charge as soon as it feels vulnerable or threatened. Therefore, you have to "channel into" you right brain activity, the one that handles every situation as it occurs (no drama)- you have to channel into trust and you have to convey this state of tranquillity to the horse. This is viewed as taking leadership over the horse. After my friend was shot, so to speak, in front of me, I started riding obsessively into the wild... The energy and power freed me of my frustration and dissapointments...and after several years I calmed down and started riding with more dicipline. Everytime I get on the horse I have to exercise my brain to "channel in", rather than to take control. And it is amazing, that over the years I have learned to contain my left brain and to capture energy from my right brain in everyday situations.

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