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mingyi chin (
Date:Sun 04 Oct 2009 09:40:57 AM EDT

hi,maybe jill ,you will be interested in traditional chinese medicine theory and Pure Land Buddhism .this's a good chinese web
these 2 fields always make me feel our personal experience just prove how right they are.
see what you can find in these fields then explore more with your beautiful brain.

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D.Feeney (
Date:Mon 28 Sep 2009 03:11:13 PM EDT
Subject:Thank You For Sharing Your Wonderful Book

I just finished reading a stroke of insight. It has opened my eyes and helped me to understand so much more about strokes. My mother had a stroke at age 64 due to a double berry aneurysm which ruptured and then underwent 10 different brain surgeries before dying 5 years later on December 25, 2001. I was her eyes and ears as she was non-verbal. I knew what she was thinking and helped communicate to the doctors. She was very courageous and put up a brave fight.
Also, my daughter suffered two strokes during the open heart surgery she had at two weeks of age in 1989. She had one in the thalamus and one in the cerebellum. She has come a long way and will be graduating from college in the Spring. I found your book in the library at her college in the new book area where I sit and wait while she has classes. I couldn't put a stroke of insight down until I finished reading it. It's an incredible journey you have had and thank you for sharing your awesome experiences! God Bless.

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Noel Collamer (
Date:Thu 24 Sep 2009 01:01:27 PM EDT

Being that both my long deceased mother and hers died of strokes and my deceased older brother was diagnosed with bi polar disease, and I’ve been struggling with morality all my life, I listened to a library copy of your book intensely. I heard an interview with you on public radio’s KUOW and think that your book bridges the gap between the secular and the spiritual like none other I’ve ever experienced. Also, I’ve joined NOMI and may donate my brain to the Harvard Brain Bank after I listen to your book again.

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afhjjfoxm (
Date:Thu 17 Sep 2009 09:45:29 AM EDT

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Brigitta (
Date:Tue 08 Sep 2009 11:57:26 PM EDT
Subject:My heart stopped

My name is Brigitta , I am 79 years young, and had a “near death” experience almost 40 years ago in 1970. It happened after my first open-heart surgery for a valve replacement. Subsequently I had to have two more valve replacement operations in the following 30 years.
The awesome “near death” experience gave me the strength to survive physical and emotional pain. (Loosing two of my three children within ten years) I always found ways to get back to that healing inner state of joy and peace.
First of all I cannot thank Dr.Jill enough for the video and the book “My Stroke of Insight”. I could identify with her clear and insightful words; describing in her book – “a sea of silent euphoria – expanding sense of peace – deep feelings of joy and above all a feeling of love all around me and within me”. - Ever since these similar feelings flooded my being I know that I am part of a greater whole, a flow of energy just like Dr. Jill talked about in chapter nineteen” Finding Your Deep Inner Peace”. I pray and meditate daily. -
Quite obviously when my heart stopped beating after the surgery the ‘right hemisphere’ of my brain was still functioning. I suspect being on a respirator was part of it. But what happened to my ‘left hemisphere’?
I am currently writing my memoirs. My life has been rich and exciting and it is teaching me new insights every day.
I would like to include an answer to my question from Dr. Jill as a ‘Brain Scientist’, if that’s possible.
Also – I am Canadian - is there a ‘Brain Bank’ in Canada?

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Dr. Sterling Desmond %26 Rea Ciera (
Date:Tue 01 Sep 2009 02:49:12 PM EDT
Subject:Deep inner peace circuitry of our right hemispheres

In reference to Jill Bolte Taylor's TED talk, she is able to express pure being, pure energy, pure feeling. Her words "...the more time we spend choosing to run the deep, inner peace circuitry of our right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world and the more peaceful our planet will be."
This is not only eloquently expressed by Dr. Taylor, but it also hints at what is available to all by choice as we evolve.
Through practical unlearning each one of us CAN begin to live and operate from pure feeling (right hemisphere) while directing this expression through the left hemisphere via the personality.

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Bram Floria (
Date:Sat 29 Aug 2009 10:47:09 AM EDT
Subject:My journey is just beginning...

On May 13,2009 at age 43 I had a right hemisphere stroke due to an occluded carotid. Damage to a good portion of the middle interior parietal lobe. I was in ICU for 3 days, neural unit for 4 more. 1 week of in-patient rehab. Left side strength is back to 80% and I am conversant. Next week begins the climb back up to full speech utility and back to my day job as a radio announcer/producer.

I'm looking forward to reading the book and learning from Dr. Taylor's experience.

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ghhbir (
Date:Tue 11 Aug 2009 08:52:36 AM EDT

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Karen McMahon (
Date:Sat 08 Aug 2009 05:16:28 PM EDT
Subject:My Mother's Stroke -- The doctor's words -- "Her Entire Left Hemisphere is Gone"

My mother had a stroke on Nov 13, 2007. I was told that she would not live 48 hours, but she surprised us all and is alive today, almost two years later.

Her stroke damaged the entire left side of her brain, leaving her unable to eat on her own (we made the life extending decision to have a feeding tube put in), walk, move her right side, or speak. She has gained back some of her abilities -- she now can eat pureed food, thanks to an amazing speech therapist who never gave up re-teaching her how to swallow.

Your book has been so helpful in my journey to understand my mother's experience of her world. Sometimes she seems to recognize me when I go to visit her in the nursing home where she lives, sometimes not. She always reaches for my hand and holds it and rubs it gently. She always speaks to me with her eyes. She smiles a lot and seems peaceful and calm. (This was not her pre-stroke self; my mother tended to worry and become anxious and reactive at the smallest inconvenience.)

Although I haven't known whether or not she "gets" what I am saying, I have felt that my time with her since her stroke has been an incredible gift, that her way of listening to me has been, in some ways, more deep than it ever was when she clearly understood all the words that I was saying.

So, this is the way that I communicate with my mother now -- when wonderful things have happened, I tell her. For example, my oldest son just got married. I bend down near her bed and lean close and I tell her and share my joy with her. I show her pictures. She looks at them intently. I don't know if she recognizes her grandsons or if she knows any of the family members that are pictured there. I do know that she shares my joy. That she, quite simply, knows that I am tremendously happy for my son and she enjoys and shares that with me.

My youngest son graduated from college, a place that was important to her in her pre-stroke life, where her parents, my grandparents, also attended college. When I told her that Andy had graduated, she raised her eyebrows and seemed so pleased. Did she understand what I was saying? I couldn't tell. "Can you believe that Andy is already 22 and has made it all the way through college?" I brought his mortar board hat and tassell and tried it on so that she could see it on me. Then I put it on her. She shrugged her shoulders, smiled a great smile, and raised her eyebrows in a thoroughly pleasant joining with me.

Your book has helped me so much to see that she does understand much about what I am saying. Does she remember wonderful Carleton College where my son went to school? I don't know. Does she know that I now have a beautiful and kind daughter in law? Despite the pictures and having met her often, my guess is no.

But my mother understands the love. And she is able, in her own way, to love me too. She leans over to me when I tell her that it is time for me to leave the nursing home, that our visit is over for now. She knows that I kiss her forehead when I leave. And so she uses all the immense energy that it takes for her to lean over to me so that I can reach her more easily and to give her a kiss. And a hug.

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Barry Frank (
Date:Sun 02 Aug 2009 10:44:10 PM EDT
Subject:ski accident

My story began on a Thursday in May, 2006, while I was skiing my favorite double black diamond run at Alpine Meadows at Lake Tahoe. I did what is affectionately known in the sport as a "face plant". No big deal. Got up, put my skis back on and skied on down. On Friday I flew down from Reno to Las Vegas where I work weekends as a pediatric intensivist. So far, so good. Then I woke up on Sat. morning and couldn't move my left hand. Thought to myself, "Gee, I'm pretty sure I could move this yesterday. Maybe I should check this out." So I went down to the ER where eventually I ended up in Radiology where they diagnosed a carotid dissection -- my right carotid had apparently been injured when I fell and there was some bleeding into the wall which ultimately gave way with some clots going up to my right brain. I was hospitalized first in Vegas, then to a Rehab Hospital in Reno. Still, so far, so good ... no major deficits.

Then, when I got home I started writing checks for the bills that had piled up. When I got my statement the next month, I was overdrawn and was missing some checks when I went to reconcile my account. Thinking I had just missed entering them somehow, I resolved to be more careful next time. But, the same thing happened again. The third time I used Quicken not only to record my checks, but to print them as well. Sure enough, I was overdrawn and missing entries again. Only this time I had the checks which had been printed by Quicken and on going back, I found that Quicken was screwing up and missing transactions! I was intact, but Quicken was brain-damaged!

BTW, went back to work in 6 mo and skied that same run again the next winter.

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Taraneh (
Date:Sat 01 Aug 2009 12:36:18 PM EDT
Subject:Learning disability

I have major learning disability. I always knew that I have difficulty at school and at work. I was always working three times as hard as anybody else at school and at work to mask it . Right now , I am just a housewife and married to a intelligent husband.
I have noticed that although I am not working, the learning disability that I must have since childhood and was never diagnosed is effecting my everyday life. I heard about brain plasticity. Can somebody recommend some software or anything that can help me to lessen my disability? I have terrible memory and comprehension problem and have spatial dyslexia. I am from the foreign country and English is my second language. Ever since I realized that I have this disability, I am going through a major depression. Any recommendations are welcome. I would love to hear from Dr. Jill about the techniques she used to get back her brain functions.

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Mary K. Davis (
Date:Mon 06 Jul 2009 10:53:08 AM EDT
Subject:Right Brain Stroke

I just finished watching your TED lecture. It explained so much about my own struggle to recover from a Right Brain stroke 10 years ago. It was caused by a clot, most likely from being on HRT too long. My MRIs and CAT scans showed my right brain looking like a city in a major black out. There was a bit of undamaged tissue on the right side and a small amount of damage on the left side. I became hyper rational but had and still have short-term memory loss. I lost the upper left hand quadrant of my visual field (lost for good) and have permanently lost the ability to recognize faces without other visual cues. Like you, it took me about 8 years to recover. The thing that I found most wonderful about your lecture is the reason that for several years I felt totally abandoned by God and out of touch with the rest of the human race. I was unable to sustain friendships and couldn't "read" people. I had a compulsion to verbalize everything that was going on and perseverated to the point of getting a lot of "UH OH, there goes the crazy lady" looks. Thank goodness I have gone beyond that! I am still not totally comfortable in social situations, but have made some new friendships both in person and on line. On line is easier, but I make an effort to maintain physical contact with my new friends. Regaining my spirituality was a real struggle, but about 4 years ago I began to feel the sense of connection to the universe that was missing. Plus side of the stroke from my perspective: I finally was able to get a handle on my finances, managed to gain an excellent credit rating and bought a house. I also completed a certificate program for college graduates to become CPAs. (I was formerly a poet, scene designer, and writer; I scripted Readers' Theatre and Ritual.) I hope this might be of interest to your work. I am so glad that you wrote and spoke about your stroke. I am sure that it has been a help to others like myself. Thank you, Mary K. Davis

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John Catenacci (
Date:Sun 05 Jul 2009 04:21:59 PM EDT
Subject:quesion about where feelings originate

The book is terrific and I have nothing but admiration for Jill Taylor - she, comaparitively speaking, glossed over the difficulty of her recovery process but what courage and determination and thank god for G.G. It must have been so excruciatingly painstaking and difficult - not to mention what she has done with it - helped me and the world gain greater consiciousness. My hat is off to her - and to her wonderful mother. (Mothers - they are from a different planet to be sure!)

The question I have is Jill seems to be saying feelings happen before thoughts since feelings are created when sensory information passes through the limbic system before the information from the senses reaches the higher cortical cells (where "thinking" takes place) so, in essence, we feel before we think.

I wonder if there is not an additional pathway that starts with a thought in our higher (thinking) region, which then creates a "feeling" in our limbic system - sort of like a feedback loop? Is this also true?

Or would her response be that any thoughts we have are stored in the limbic system and are merely activated (memory), which then generates a repetitive pattern of feeling and a repetitive pattern of thought?

Anyway, I had my own insight the day I completed Jill's book. I have been grieving the loss of my wife, the light and love of my life, for the past 18 months and as I finished the book, I set it down and realized I can feel my grief,triggered by so many images - of her suffering and of her dying moments - or I can let that feeling wash through me, allow myself that 90 seconds of honoring my own feelings of grief, then choose to release it and choose, instead, one of those millions of brighter moments we had together.....and move on, as she, more than anyone else I know, wants me to do.

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Robert Fay (
Date:Wed 01 Jul 2009 11:21:20 AM EDT
Subject:Are spiritual experiences really mini strokes?

On October 13, 1979 I had a spiritual experience that changed my life forever. I have spent the last 30 years trying to understand what it all meant. Dr. taylor, you had a "Stroke of Insight" brought on by a bleeding on the brain. I have never been diagnosed with any abnormal brain activity but I've always wondered if my experience was physical. I was at a Cursillo Weekend, a Catholic retreat. It was Saturday night and we were told to make a chapel visit alone. I entered a dark chapel, knelt before the tabernacle and prayed saying if I understood this part of the story (body and blood of Christ) I could buy the whole story. As I was saying this to myself, I felt someone behind me pushing on my back and pressing my face to the floor. Then the room lit up and I was inches away from a man in a robe with bare feet. Then I felt myself standing up but in spirit only because I saw my body lying on the floor. I was facing the man whose face was clouded over with only a bearded mouth visible. He put his hands on my shoulders and began telling me something that I thought was very important but I couldn't hear a word. I noticed an angel behind him and sensed one behind me. Before I knew it I was on the floor in the dark room again and I was humiliated by what just happened. I didn't tell anyone about it for over two years. I left there with the sense that I had met Jesus and he told my spirit something it needed to hear. For 30 years I've tried to uncover what that message was. As of now I think it was simply Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.
I intend to build a place called promote that idea. It won't be a "religious" place per se but one where all people, religious or not, can gather to discuss ways to love their God, their neighbor and theirself better. Did I have a stroke or was it a stroke from the artist that created this universe?

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donna (
Date:Mon 29 Jun 2009 05:14:16 PM EDT
Subject:recovery and gratitude

Dear Dr Jill, I recently had a stroke on the R side and am struggling with the after effects. it seems that just after the stroke i was able to work and go through life ok (was making mistakes i didn't normally do and self esteem was lacking)but i was able to function. After about six wks i got so fatigued and confused that i wondered whether i had a second stroke that was not obvious. it all seems so weird to me that i don't feel connected to anyone or thing sometimes and have great problems with time. so many of the things you described in your book are present for me but your stroke was on the opposite side from mine and yours was much greater. they say mine was a small stroke w/evidence of ischemic disease (whatever that is). I know i don't like how i feel now and am uncomfortable most times. With that said your book has given me hope and your courage has given me strength to not give up and continue to try to improve everyday. I get frustrated that i don't get answers from the drs sometimes and wonder if anyone else has the same frustration?

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Michael Allison (
Date:Wed 10 Jun 2009 11:48:06 PM EDT
Subject:something repo

it was far away and then I saw it
the light and color of all time
in this vast time and space
as I floated thru
if I come back to this time
i have no idea
my ideas are not mine
i gathered them from a space and time
and wrote some down

you've inspired me
i want to hold on to this
but it escapes me
but only in this dimension
it does not belong to me

me the ego

thank God for you

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Jeff (
Date:Fri 05 Jun 2009 11:43:22 PM EDT
Subject:Inspired to hopefully inspire others

I forgot to mention I am only 42 years old, this all began when I was 36.

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Jeff (
Date:Fri 05 Jun 2009 11:41:21 PM EDT
Subject:Inspired to hopefully inspire others.

Thank you Dr. for the inspiration you give by your recovery.
I have progressed tremendously since surviving a Thrombotic Ischemic Brain Stem Stroke last April 2008. Survival of this stroke was accredited to the conditioning and lifestyle I had embraced in my life since surviving a heart attack in 2003. Apparently both problems are related to having a blood disorder called Factor IV Leiden, now controled with Warafin.
I still have a way to go with improving physical capabilities and sometimes I feel discouraged especially when I see the afflictions of others and feel mine. That said I am walking again, eating, seeing, driving, biking and hopefully coaching hockey again once I regain skating abilities ( balance is still an issue).
Again thank you for the inspiration.

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CThursty (
Date:Wed 27 May 2009 01:19:01 AM EDT

This account of your enormous triumph and insight has validated a very strong urge for me to study brains. I do not believe it was chance that you, a doctor of brains, underwent a stroke. If it wasn't for you, I believe that we would not fully understand all of the inner workings of our separate left and right brains. 90 seconds of emotion still blows me away! My family is very religious and does not encourage delving into such physiological matters but I have always been fascinated by people, personalities, interaction, responses to environments, mental illness etc and would like to go into a profession dealing with such. Your book has encouraged me and boosted my excitement for what amazing new insights I get to experience!

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srawl (
Date:Fri 15 May 2009 05:03:33 PM EDT
Subject:the pictures

I have never heard of any one else who has or has had the picture show as I call it. I had a cerebral hemmorage of unknown origin. A Vessel just popped. I lost and have never recovered my right field of vision, the ability to remember words and names but I am so lucky to be alive. Almost one year after the cerebral accident I had a Grand Mal seizure and migraines and picture shows. They come on like a seizure. On the right I see a whole slide show of what I can only describe as scenes from my life. On the left I see the "normal" universe. I learned that I must wait for the slide show to end in its own time. Anti seizure meds control this now though once in a while I get the aura that precedes a show and then I take a migraine med and it goes away. I wonder if there is a safe way to watch the slide show and use what I can learn from it.

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