Welcome to the My Stroke of Insight website, an interactive place to read inspiring stories and share techniques on how to create deep inner peace.

If you have read My Stroke of Insight (New York Times Bestseller published by Viking in May 2008) by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor or experienced her keynote speeches or lectures live or though video (TED in February 2008, Oprah's Soul Series aired May 2008), then you know the importance of having a balanced brain. This website, created by Dr. Jill, is intended to be a resource for you as you find your way to discovering your own insights.

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Learn about stroke through the Resources page, where you can read (and memorize) Dr. Jill's Warning Signs of Stroke. You can also learn more about the references Dr. Jill cites in her book and lectures about the different characteristics in the left and right hemispheres.

An explanation of the right and left hemispheres

Have you experienced a stroke or other health issue? Are you a caregiver to someone who inspires you with their strength and courage? Share your story of being a "Stroke Triumphant" and inspire others to find their way.

Showered with love and ready for recovery!

Do you practice yoga or meditate? What different techniques do you use to "Step to the Right" of your left hemisphere brain chatter in order to live a more balanced life? Share your ideas in the Balanced Brain Techniques page.

Neural Processing by Jill Bolte Taylor 2007

The stories of insight are based on Dr. Jill's interactions with the thousands of people who have shared their anecdotes from insights learned through her book. Do you practice the 90-Second Rule? How do you take responsibility for the energy you bring into a room? What time of day have you set aside for your whine time? Share your experiences here!